Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats
Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats
Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats
Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats
Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats
Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats
Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats

Flea Doctor - Protect Your Dogs & Cats

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Stop fleas from biting your pet. Flea bites are painful for your pet and can cause scratching and biting. Even worse, your pet can develop a flea allergy dermatitis, causing discomfort.

Flea Doctor is the electronic flea comb for your cat or dog that stuns and kills fleas and removes them from your pet. Unlike those other treatments where dead fleas fall from your pet, Flea Doctor removes fleas and disposes them into the trash without you having to touch them. And since Flea Doctor stuns and kills with an electric charge, there's no chemicals, no pesticides, and no toxins.

    Easy to use. Just brush Flea Doctor through your pet's fur and it releases a slight electric charge that kills fleas without discomfort or harm to your pet. You can even use Flea Doctor on your carpet and furniture! If you need a flea comb for cats or a flea comb for dogs, then you need Flea Doctor!

    What Happens if fleas infested your Pet?

    • Flea Doctor will make the pet feel itchy, then scratch the skin, it will cause damage and then cause infection and inflammation
    • The skin of cats and dogs is stimulated by flea saliva and excretions, causing dermatitis
    • In severe cases, hair loss, dandruff, suede, thickening of the skin, pigmentation, etc. may occur.
    • Infected cats and dogs can even have anemia and weight loss. 


    Flea Doctor™ is a safe, effective, chemical-free, electronic comb, guaranteed to kill fleas on contact.

    The secret that makes Flea Doctor™ so powerful is a patented technology that reaches deep into your pets fur and releases electric charge when it contacts fleas and ticks, so that guarantee to kills them on contact and removes them from your pet.

    All you need to do is to brush it through your dog's hair and the comb releases a slight electronic charge that kills them instantly.

    After Flea Doctor™ kills fleas and ticks, the comb gathers the dead fleas, and an eject button lets you discard them hands-free.


    • 100% SAFE FOR YOUR PET - Flea Doctor™ don't use the toxic ingredient to kill fleas and ticks, it's 100% Safe for your pet, and your family.

    • LESS HASSLE, NO MESS - Flea Doctor™ is non-greasy and helps avoid the hassle of applying monthly treatments.

    • KILLS THROUGH CONTACT - Flea Doctor™ works through contact, killing and repelling fleas that cause painful bites.

    • KILLS AND REPELS FLEAS - Flea Doctor™ kills and repels ticks, too. And if a tick is repelled it can't attach and transmit diseases.